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If you are interested in beginning counseling, I would love to hear from you. Whether or not I can take on any new clients depends on my caseload at the time. I update my voicemail message to communicate to a caller whether or not  I can take on a new client, because there are many times I cannot. You can call the office at (937) 668-7383. I don't take calls while I am with a client, but if you leave a message, I can return your phone call or reply via text. Please include in your message if you were referred to me specifically by a friend or current/previous client. If you email, please include a subject line in the email so that I know the purpose of the email. Thank You!!



Tuesday - Wednesday 

By appointment 10am - 4pm


*The times above reflect session start times. 


15 W Main St.

Tipp City, OH 45471

Tel: (937-668-7383)


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